Jessica Tran
Split is a podcast designed and made for immigrants and immigrant children who have dealt with the conflict of being a third culture kid Split includes 3 episodes consisting of engaging interviews with students from different parts of the globe and stories of their experiences. 
Artist Statement 
“Where are you really from?” 
This question would always leave me puzzled because I’d have two separate answers to give. Eventually, it made me ponder about what culture I truly belonged to. I grew up as a Vietnamese American in a low-income apartment for the majority of my life. I took in traditions and media — things my parents could teach me out of habit. I attended school in the U.S. and had to assimilate myself into this new culture; forgetting bits of my Vietnamese heritage along the way. Many first-generation immigrants in the U.S. related to how I feel. Even though we come from different places culturally, we can relate to the feeling of being torn between several cultures. 
Split is an interview-style podcast designed and made for immigrant youth who have dealt with the identity crisis of being a third culture kid; meaning they’re exposed to two cultures but feel torn about fitting in and belonging to either. It provides a platform for them to voice their stories, share their experiences, and it gives people an opportunity to learn about these experiences. Split consists of engaging interviews with students from different parts of the globe and stories of their experiences. While many still struggle with answering this question, “where are you really from?” you should never feel pressured to know the answer, and instead, appreciate the different aspects of cultures engraved in you.
Social Media
Social media was a large aspect of the podcast's brand. There would be 3 posts a week leading up to the released episode. There would be 2 posts relating to important concepts and conflicts about each interviewee's country. The middle posts would consist of the motion graphic in the form of an Instagram reel. These were created to promote the podcast and to engage viewers. To check out the rest of the post's details, visit split.podcast for more.  
Immigrancy Infographic 
Infographic at the Exhibit
Infographic at the Exhibit
Process Book
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