Team: Chris Fernandez, Brendon Luci, Josh Nitzschke, Seth Babin, Margaux Danforth, Lindsay Boivin, Jess Tran
“I think you’re muted.” “I’m on a call right now.” “Can you see my screen?” The routines we fell into over the past few years are... pretty stale by now. Each and every day being the same old thing. Monotonous. Uneventful. Square.

Here in Center City Philadelphia, things are anything but routine. It’s all new days. New deals. Always different than you remember it. Always more than you expected it to be.

This hotel has a secret garden. Above that bank there’s a dance club with a ball pit. The sides of our buildings are literal art, and I’m pretty sure the artist is in front of me right now at Elixr.

Life here is never the same because you’re never stuck in the same four walls. Here, everything has energy...mood...motion. Haps, raps, and half-priced apps. So when you need a break from your daily routine, Center City is the antidote. 

Center City District. Never Square. 

Brand Guidelines
I had the opportunity to contribute and create the brand guidelines for our client Center City District to utilize and use for their brand. The brand guidelines includes a style sheet, social media templates, and photography from Ian Loring Shiver, Jon Applebaum, Philly Fashion Week. 
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